Jeb Harrison
Stinson Beach, CA

Bio: My father used to tell just about everybody he met that his son would do just about anything to avoid working. To make him happy I became an artist, and have been involved in a wide range of creative endeavors and have held a variety of requisite day gigs along the way. Writing is my bread and butter, from circumcision ceremonies to eulogies, brochures, TV commercials, web pages, articles, essays and novels; if it involves wordsmithing, storytelling and the clever turn of a phrase (with some pretty strong bonus design skills) I'm all over it and, surprisingly enough, get paid for it. I also get paid to play and sing, and have done just that in sleazy bars and concert halls all over the Bay Area. And if that weren't enough, I paint the spectacular local landscape and even get paid for that too (though I'm more prone to give them away). My debut novel, Hack was published by Harper Davis publishers in August 2012 and another novel chronicling adult misbehavior is due soon. I blog for the Huffington Post and my own "Adventures in Limboland", and am a participant in the MFA Writing Program at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA. In my off hours I am a marketing communications professional, most lately with a little outfit called IBM. Despite all this screwing around, it would be a mistake to call me a Renaissance Man; I don't wear tights or long stockings (in public) or a perfumed collar and wig, I bathe frequently, don't waltz, am woefully uninformed, scientifically inept and prone to panic attacks at the sight of arithmatic.

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